Hayley Monek Hayley Monek


Hi, I’m Hayley and I’m a filmmaker and photographer based in New York. I strive to make the impossible possible by merging aspects of reality and fiction in my work. Aesthetics and storytelling are both critical to my work and I take advantage of using interesting qualities and color of light in all of my works to further advance my narratives. I’ll often make many things including masks, clothing, and sets to create my worlds, which share an uncanny resemblance to the one we live in, but in these worlds, women are in control of strange and magical happenings. For instance, my young girl protagonist, Estella, from my book Aquaformations, can move between whatever bodies of water she pleases. Aquaformations is a children’s book utilizing underwater photography and illustration. Other characters face shadow creatures, while others discover new and interesting places.